The Marina

Messolonghi Marina will be a modern marina that meets all (inter)national environmental and marina standards.
The unique location in an undiscovered part of Greece, in the middle of a very special lagoon area, is nowhere to be found! The marina is very well protected and accessible via the 3km entrance canal. Thanks to the magnificent view of the vast water and the majestic mountains, our marina is a wonderful and safe home port for sailing boats and motor yachts.


The marina will be built in two phases. The first phase already finished in 2012, and is open for boats in the water and on land. The second phase which will take approximately two years in total, and will start in Spring 2020. Most construction works of the second phase will take places outside the current marina area and outside the sailing season to avoid nuisance to our guests.

Messolonghi Marina operates under international management.

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